Saturday October 3rd 2015

Whoa! Busy year! I have just finished work as Musical Director and Principle Composer for WOW – The World of Wearable Art in Wellington, New Zealand. The show is a two hour theatrical spectacle, easily New Zealand’s most popular theatre event, with wall-to-wall music which was mostly written by me this year. I’m very proud of it. I am currently working as the Music Editor on Ash vs Evil Dead, a new television series produced for the STARZ network in the United States. It’s pretty fun. Also this year I worked as Music Editor for a NZ/Australia tv series co-production called 800 Words, wrote and performed music for a NZ television series called Te Radar’s Chequered Past, produced an EP for local singer songwriter James Kohler, performed in a play called Greedy Cat and scored a short horror film about snails called Escargore. I have just been asked to write the songs for a new musical being created by local theatre company Basement Theatre which will pretty much keep me busy until the end of the year. Fun times! I’ll post some videos soon.

Wednesday July 2 2014

I’m not great at updates. Too busy! Here are some cool reviews for an Auckland Theatre Company production of Once on Chunuk Bair that I recently did the Sound Design for. It was a really great experience to be involved with the telling of such an important New Zealand story.

Also I just picked up two of three finalist spots in the ‘What Now’ Children’s Music Video of the Year Award. Hehe. Cute! Here’s a link. Go ahead and vote!

Tuesday May 27 2014

Oops I haven’t posted anything in a while. The TV show I’m writing is coming along great. It’s still in the development stage and I’m very lucky to have producer Rob Tapert (Xena, Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus, Evil Dead…etc etc etc) on board helping me whip it into shape. It’s a VERY out-there premise but I’ll keep you all guessing for now. By “all” I mean BOTH of my subscribers. One of them, Pania, already knows all about it because she’s been helping us with camera tests and concept art etc. But my other subscriber…boy oh boy…you’ll have to wait and see! Haha.

Late last year I composed the music score for a short film ‘Over the Moon’ directed by James Cunningham. It’s doing the festival circuit at the moment, so that’s good. I don’t think any reviews have come out yet but I’ll keep you (both) posted! I’m working on another short film at the moment…it’s gonna be a tricky one to get right!

Also in the middle of rehearsals for an Auckland Theatre Company production called ‘Once on Chunuk Bair’. I’m doing the sound design…it’s set in WW1 so there are lots of explosions and stuff.

Umm..what else? Oh I’m thinking about getting a cat. I might wait until I’ve finished with the explosions.

Ok, very good. Stay tuned for my next update, probably around Christmas!


Monday December 16 2013

Sunset in Auckland. What a great place to live.


1490643_10151746588170882_1919752833_oMonday December 2nd 2013

As the bright summer sunshine continues, the equally radiant television host and writer Jaquie Brown popped on over the weekend to film a little celebrity endorsement for me. Kind words indeed.


Sunday November 24th 2013

This just in: it’s summer!! In Auckland anyway, the last few days have been stunning. Warm, calm, bright, and peaceful. Long may it continue. Meanwhile, far, far away in Mexico City (the trendy part of town, I’m told), an article has been published in the design/lifestyle magazine Tu Ambiente Roma-Condesa about me and my work on Spartacus.  Excellent. I’ve always wanted to be bilingual!


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